do you need pastoral care?
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communion 170x220 Pastoral counseling is part of clergy training in the Episcopal Church. If you are troubled or in need of spiritual discernment, our clergy may be able to help. Call Peg Bradley, Associate for Pastoral Care, at 626 282 5147 ext 14 | email

in times of life transitions

The birth of a child, the death of a loved one, the joyful marriage of two people - all of these are transitions in which we seek God's presence and blessing. Our clergy stand ready to be with you and your family in prayer during these times.

in times of illness or suffering

When you are sick, our community wants to be of both practical and spiritual help to you. Please don't wait for the church to contact you - call a member of our staff and let us mobilize our resources. There are many ways we can offer support.

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Anxiety, depression, and other forms of emotional suffering are often intractable when faced alone. We offer you support and pray with you during this painful time. One-on-one prayer as well as visits with clergy staff and the friendship of a trained, confidential lay minister all can help protect you from isolation and offer friendship and support.

in times of discernment

Sometimes we simply need help in figuring out what is right when facing a complex moral dilemma. Together, you and a member of our clergy staff can lay the problem before God and seek a deep level of truth and peace for you in the face of this ethical challenge.

If you are feeling cut off from God or burdened by your conscience in a way that separates you from God and others, the sacrament of reconciliation (often called "confession") can help ease your suffering. A member of our clergy staff will listen and pray with you, supporting you as you find the path toward reconciliation with God.


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